Taking effect from 2 December 2021, the youth sector moves to the Yellow readiness level and the following changes apply: Anyone aged 11+ must wear a face covering when indoors, unless they are exempt (and we recommend the use of known visible methods for people to display if they are exempt). We are asking everyone to review and update risk assessments for section meetings, activities and residentials as well as meetings, training, events and social activities for adults to reflect this change and the current readiness level. For full details visit scouts.org.uk

St George’s Day


This badge is fully approved to wear on our uniforms.

What is Dragon Slayer 2021?

It is highly unlikely that we will be able to have a “normal or even new normal” St George’s Day Celebration. As a District we still wish to mark St George’s Day as the occasion it is. In addition there is a need to #bounceback and #retain #rejoin #recruit after Covid-19 and it is hoped these challenges may inspire the green shoots.

The Programme, Events and Media Teams have worked hard to produce 23 challenges, 1 for each day in April leading up to St George’s Day that are differentiated for each youth section, with adult section challenges too. The challenges show the progressive, balanced programme and promote upskilling. You can use them to supplement your programme and group celebrations or use them as a series of stand alone activities via OSM Badges at home, the badge is “Totally Flexible” and can run for longer. You may even find some young people have done some already.

The badge requirements will be uploaded to OSM to remove some of the admin and parents will be encouraged to upload using “Badges at Home”. (If your section has not purchased this addition to OSM see FAQ’s)

Challenge Matrix

These challenges are directly related to the progressive programme, the majority will allow a young person to complete part of a sectional activity, challenge or staged badge as well as gaining the Dragon Slayer Challenge Badge.

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A collection of resources to help with the delivery has been put together.

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What’s Next

From Now

Set up “District Dragon Slayer” as an event on OSM and get your Young People and adults to reply by 20th March. The cost of the badge will be £1:20 per person (subject to 200 participants) and it is your choice to pass the cost onto the parents or purchase it as a group. The greater the uptake the cheaper the badge.

Register Your group and Order Badges Here!

St Georges Day Badge Order

The ordering has now closed.


 Admin Support

We have created the badge on OSM (1 for each section), linking it with the correct requirement from the badge scheme.

Follow these easy steps to add the badge to OSM.

(We hope to add Explorers shortly, check back for updates)

Encourage your section parents or young people (Explorers) to upload completed items using “Badges at Home”.
(If your section has not purchased this addition to OSM see FAQ’s)


The activities are linked to promoting Scouting.
Please get your Young People with adult support to write news stories and submit them to:


For inclusion on the Website.

Post on the Community Page of  The District Facebook Page (Public)


Tweet to The District Twitter Feed. (Public)

@fwscouts #dragonslayer

Post on Instagram

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Note: By submitting news stories, posting and tagging on social media you are giving permission for any images included to be used. Please only use first names. Posts may be subject to approval on some platforms.

St George’s Day Celebrations

In addition to Dragon Slayer there will be some additional St George’s Day activities:



Join Scout-a-delic for their Togetherness Event Saturday 25th April 12pm on Youtube


Join Scout Radio.


Q:When awarding Nights and Hikes away is it a full denomination?

A: Yes for every night or hike a YP does they get 1 credited. This is inline with TSA guidelines.

Q: How are these challenges related to St George’s Day?

A: Not all of them are, some have been modified to reflect St George’s Day but they are designed to support sections deliver programmes in these unusual times.

Q: Do we have to do one challenge a day?

A: No, there are 23 Challenges that make up the badge, some you may have already done as part of your programme. Remember this is a “blended” approach so some challenges can be done by self-learning. If you choose to take this badge past 23rd April that’s O.K (but you must have purchased the badges by 20th March)

Q: How do I convince the parents to help at home?
A: There is no easy answer to this but promoting the fun, skills based learning approach we are best known for hopefully will inspire their support and maybe even drive them to volunteer #recruit.

Q: Can a YP do the challenge from other sections?

A: Yes but for the purpose of recording you can only credit for your section level. 

Q: Can I simplify the challenges further?

A: Yes, although when marking as complete on OSM you will need to adjust. The time, distance and number or activity requirements are taken direct from the progressive programme.

Q: How do I find the badge on OSM?

A: The badge will be available for each section from 1stMarch. Go to badges, click top right add badge and search Fareham West District. Click Dragon Slayer ( Section) and add.

Q: Our group has not purchased the Badges at Home addition for OSM. What can we do?

A: Purchase the addition or direct parents to send evidence to the section email, but this adds to your admin.

Q:My YP is SEND what can I do?

A: We are a fully inclusive organisation so please adapt the requirement to suit your needs.

Q: Who manages the Risk Assessment?

A: These challenges are designed to be done as a “Blended Approach” therefore Parents/Carers manage the risk at home but the Leader may request your supervision if using a task over video conferencing.

Q: What do we do about Covid restrictions?

A: The programme is designed heavily virtual but can be adapted to face to face. All face to face activities must be done using the correct Scout Association and Government Guidelines.

Q: Can I wear the badge on my uniform?

A: YES!! We have County Approval for the badge to be worn on the Uniform (“wow what a badge, it’s brilliant. You have full permission to wear the badge on the uniform and I look forward to seeing it on a jumper/shirt at some point”). It is an Occasional Badge to be located left hand side of the uniform in the occasional badge area, above the World Membership Badge. It can be worn for 1 year 23rd April 2021-23rd April 2022.

Q: When will the badges be delivered?

A: Badges will be ordered from 20th March with an expected 4 week delivery they will then be delivered to GSL’s/DESC/SASU for distribution.

#bounceback #retain #rejoin #recruit

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls