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Everetts Copse Booking and Rules

Everett’s Coppice
(A Site of Special Scientific Interest)(SSSI)
Rules and Information – February 2002 (amended 2016)

  1. The Coppice is restricted to members of Fareham East and West Scout Districts. Requests for use by local Guides Association are to be made to a Booking Secretary or the Management Committee, for permission at their discretion.
  2. Keep within the fences.
  3. Do not cut live trees.
  4. Use axes, knives and saws only on felled dead wood and under the strict supervision of an adult leader.
  5. Open fires are restricted to the two designated hearth areas. An exception can be made for small backwoods cooking fires but these must be closely supervised. Do not leave fires unattended; ensure they are put out before leaving. Backwoods fire areas are to be cleared away before leaving. Due to the nature of the ground in the coppice fire pits are not to be dug. Do not try to burn foil on the fires.
  6. The use of any live material to build bivouacs in the Coppice is strictly prohibited.
  7. For your own safety, please do not park cars on the roadway outside the coppice. Please park on the verge or in the space between the inner and outer gates.
  8. If there is to be a large number of cars and passengers at a time then there is available a warning triangle that can be place further up the road to warn cars coming round the bend from the Wickham direction that there is a hazard. The booking Secretary holds a warning triangle.
  9. There is no piped water available on site. For health and safety reasons, do not allow use of, or play with, the spring and ditch water. The ditches are not play areas and are to be kept clear at all times.
  10. Leave the site clean and tidy, take home all rubbish, do not leave behind anything you have taken into the coppice. Wood may be taken into the coppice for burning, but not pallets. All wood taken into the coppice is to be burned.
  11. Ensure that the gates are locked securely behind you and that the keys are returned to the Booking Secretary.
  12. Bookings for the coppice must be made through the Booking Secretary. Camping must be certificated.
  13. Site visits may be made by the Booking Secretary/Management Committee during or immediately after an activity.
  14. Always bear in mind that the coppice is a SSSI and we, the owners Fareham East and West, have a legal obligation to look after it within the terms of the SSSI. This means that we have to answer to the Forestry Commission for any actions that abuse the coppice. Observe the wildlife that is within the coppice – do not disturb.
  15. The members of the Management Committee are quite happy to be invited to do a walk-round of the coppice to describe the work that we are obligated to carry out for the Forestry Commission and to describe the flora and fauna to be seen within the coppice.Please use the coppice and enjoy our own piece of ancient woodland.
  16. In view of the present degradation of the coppice caused by overuse, the Everett’s Management Committee has stated that the following curtailment of activities be made. Overnight and weekend camping be limited to a maximum total of 20 attendees. These restrictions will not apply to sections using the coppice for day/evening use, numbers only to be limited by the activities to be done, numbers to be agreed with the booking Secretary when a booking is made. (This step has been proposed not only to preserve the coppice for the future but to keep to our obligation to uphold the standard of the SSSI which we are contracted to do. We wish the coppice to be respected as a ‘green field’ site and not as a ‘do anything’ site regardless of the rules set for the use of the coppice.)
  17. The coppice is in Titchfield Lane, near Wickham, grid reference SU554100.
  18. BOOKING SECRETARY Joy French (F-West), 90 Oak Road, Fareham. PO15 5HP. Fareham 01329 284196
  19. Enjoy the Coppice and look after it. If you see or have any problems please report them to the Booking Secretary or the Management Committee.

Everett’s Coppice Management Committee

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